Clothing giveaways of a concealed weapon

Reading subtle cues that indicate concealed carry, you may be able to anticipate you’re dealing with an armed subject and gain a preventive edge of timing and positioning.

As you study a subject’s clothing, ask yourself:

  • Does it fit the season?
  • In cold weather, is a coat unzipped or unbuttoned?
  • Is the subject wearing only one glove, leaving his shooting hand bare?
  • Is he wearing a belt that’s not through the loops of his pants, thereby capable of cinching tighter against a hidden gun?
  • Is a coat weighted down lower on one side?
  • When he walks or runs, does his coat or jacket bounce off his leg as if something heavy is in the pocket?
  • Does a loose-hanging hood seem weighted down, causing the drawstring to pucker?
  • If a subject seems to have a wallet in his pocket but is wearing a fanny pack, then what’s in the fanny pack?
  • Is footwear mismatched, with one shoe larger than the other to possibly conceal a small handgun?

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