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Watch: Confessed killer lunges for cop’s gun in interview room

Multiple officers piled into the room to pin the man down


Las Vegas Police Department via KTNV, YouTube

By Suzie Ziegler

LAS VEGAS — A police interrogation at a Las Vegas station turned potentially lethal in seconds, video released Thursday shows. From the security camera, the suspect is seen lunging across the table and grabbing an officer’s firearm.

According to FOX 5, the suspect is Terrell Rhodes, a man who moments before had confessed to killing a two-year-old. Rhodes was emotional when he made a grab for the gun, the video shows.

“Let me out of here,” Rhodes is heard saying. “I can’t go back.”

Several officers piled into the room to pin him down and wrestle the officer’s firearm away.

Rhodes has pleaded not guilty, according to the report.