Phoenix PD investigating after hoax 'officer down' call on police radio

Police swarmed an area where a suspected prankster broadcast an officer was shot

By Police1 Staff

PHOENIX — Police responded to calls of an officer down over their radio April 13 but found there was no officer-involved shooting at the reported scene, AZ Central reported.

A voice that is believed to be female  said over police radio “officer down 51st avenue and Camelback.” Police are unsure whether it was an anonymous person or a dispatcher repeating a call. The woman did not mention codes for an officer needing help or an officer-involved shooting.

Dozens of police and a patrol helicopter responded to the scene but there was nothing that indicated a shooting had taken place. Officers searched nearby roads and bushes.

Police spokesperson Sgt. Trent Crump said the incident was a hoax. The department was checking for any lost or stolen radios.

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