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Teledyne FLIR offers public safety grant assistance for drone programs

Teledyne FLIR is collaborating with to support eligible law enforcement agencies seeking public safety grants for their drone programs


WILSONVILLE, Ore. — Drone-based response and air-to-ground surveillance with thermal imaging are essential to many facets of daily police work. With current drones boasting incredible performance features, increased range, and longer flight times, they are mission-critical tools for public safety departments. Whether an agency is starting or expanding their drone program, the US and many state governments are taking action to support agencies with grant funding for qualified drones that are well equipped and ready for business.

To this end, Teledyne FLIR is proud to announce its new collaboration with, available to support eligible law enforcement agencies seeking public safety grants for their drone programs. Teledyne FLIR today offers their SIRAS professional drone paired with a team of seasoned grant consultants dedicated to guiding qualified police agencies through the grant application process.

Grant Funding 101

Grants enable departments to secure funding beyond their operational budgets, bridging the gap between tight resources and organizational needs. They offer a remedy for addressing evolving community challenges when adjustments to budgets can’t happen quickly.

Help with grant writing can prove beneficial to departments of all sizes, from the most modest rural units to the largest municipal agencies, as having a thorough and informative grant application makes the difference.

Considerable research and planning is necessary to submit a strong application – and the process itself is challenging. On top of that, grant funding is extremely competitive as the number of requests is always greater than available funds.

To help support the strongest grant application, Teledyne FLIR services include access to the Grant Finder Portal for comprehensive grant opportunities, tailored research to address your department’s specific funding needs, personalized 1:1 consultation with grant experts, and discounted end-to-end grant writing assistance. provides grant research, grant alert notifications, and grant application reviews from its team of experts. As partners, it will provide you with the grant resources and drone-specific services your departments need, whether you are just beginning your project or are adding the finishing touches to an application.

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