Ga. police officers pay off high schoolers’ lunch debt

A donation paid off outstanding balances for students who couldn’t afford to pay for school meals

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COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Cobb County police officers donated $500 to pay for high school students’ lunches that were bought on credit. 

WSBTV reports the officers presented the check to the faculty at Pebblebrook High School on Nov. 14 to help wipe out school lunch debt accrued by students who can’t afford to purchase a meal every day. It’s money Principal Dana Giles said is needed because some families simply can’t afford to pay off that debt.


“It not only wipes the slate clean for these students but it gets us back to a zero balance, so the next semester, if we’re having to give out free lunches, at least we’re not in the hole doing so,” Giles told WSBTV. “We don’t want our students to ever feel like when they come to school, they can’t get a good meal.” 

WSBTV reports the donation money came from the local chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police’s Cops and Kids golf tournament, which raised more than $5,000. The FOP hopes to use that money to pay off school lunch debt at every school in the district. 

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