NY police apologize to victim with food, favors

Police have been delivering pizza and Chinese food after a robbery victim endured a series of unfortunate events

By Police1 Staff

BROOKLYN — A 20-year-old man who lives with a severe brittle bone disease has been seeing a lot of police coming by his Brooklyn apartment as of late, bearing gifts of pizza and Chinese food, and even assembling an entertainment center to show their apologies after a series of unfortunate incidents.

According to the New York Times, Fredrick Brennan, who was born with osteo imperfecta, decided to keep all the money he was saving for a new wheelchair in his wallet, which he kept in his lap, after an acquaintance who knew is bank PIN had stolen from him.

Someone snatched the wallet from his lap and ran off with $4000. After identifying the subject in a police lineup at the station, a heavy snowstorm hit, and Brennan asked police for a ride home.

According to the report, police didn’t have a squad that could accommodate his wheelchair, so they had to push him to the subway station to make his own way home.

His old wheelchair got stuck in the snow, and Brennan had to call 911, and was later treated for hypothermia.

Police had found the suspect and returned the money, and a fund created for Brennan raised the money he needed for a new wheelchair, but police felt guilty for the whole ordeal.

“Sorry that you had the experience that you had in terms of dealing with us,” said Commissioner William J. Bratton, who called Brennan at home.  “Hopefully things are basically starting to move forward for you.”

Brennan appreciated the help and attention, and called his replacement wheelchair the “Cadillac” of wheelchairs. 

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