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Video: NYPD cops hailed for saving baby girl with CPR

A pair of Staten Island officers were out patrolling when a frantic mother waved them down

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NYPD via ABC 7

By Joseph Ostapiuk
Staten Island Advance, N.Y.

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — A pair of Staten Island officers were patrolling in Clifton when a mother was frantically waving them down in the middle of the street — her baby was not breathing, a law enforcement source told the Advance/

Officers Michael Kirschhoffer and Greg Carosella, members of the NYPD’s 120th Precinct in St. George, sprung into action.

The father of the 7-month-old brought the baby to the lobby of the family’s Clifton apartment on Bowen Street and was conducting back compressions before Carosella, an EMT, took over while his partner called an ambulance, the source said.

Right on their heels were Sgt. Rich Guerrieri and Police Officers Daniel Del Pino and Eric Dawson to offer assistance.

“Nobody wants to be the cop that’s called to an unconscious, unresponsive infant,” officer Del Pino told ABC7, who first reported the incident. “I stepped between the father and the other officer and took the baby, rolled her over in my arm. So her back was against my forearm and her head and neck were cradled in my hand.”

Soon, the officer’s quick action yielded results — the baby started breathing. After being treated at the hospital for an infection, the 7-month old was brought back home in good health.

Mayor Bill de Blasio commended the officers during a press conference Wednesday.

“These officers immediately responded, performed CPR, saved the life of an infant,” said de Blasio. “This the kind of thing that means so much to know that a child is alive today, because of the bravery, because of the quick thinking and the commitment of these NYPD officers.”

“I want to salute them all and say to everyone at the 120 Precinct, you have a lot to be proud of today,” de Blasio added. “And, thank God, that child will live to have a long and good life, because of the work that you all did. God bless you all.

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NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea and others praised the work of the Staten Island cops.

” NYPD cops never know what their day is going to be like — they can go from a noise complaint, to a ‘gun run,’ to a report of a baby not breathing,” Shea wrote on Twitter. “They are always ready to answer any call. Thank you to these officers for ensuring that this story had a happy ending!”

“Beyond proud to work alongside these two officers!!! Doing what we do!”, the 120th Precinct posted.

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