Watch: Troopers pull driver from burning van

Officers were on patrol when they heard a loud noise and discovered a car crashed into a burning building

By Ashley Silver

DUTCHESS COUNTY, N.Y. — Newly released video shows troopers jumping into action to save an intoxicated 17-year-old from a burning van.

According to The Breeze 103 News, New York State troopers were on patrol when they heard a crash in the early hours of the morning. Upon investigation, the officers discovered a Honda Odyssey had collided with a barn. The vehicle was engulfed in flames with someone trapped inside.

Initially, officers attempted to put the fire out themselves after calling for assistance, but the flames became so uncontrollable the troopers refocused their efforts on pulling the driver out of the vehicle to safety.

The driver was transported to a local hospital and is expected to make a full recovery thanks to the troopers’ heroism.

The driver was later arrested for driving under the influence. 

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