'We're not learning': Top quotes from Police1 news this week

Read about 'next-level' drag racing, police leaders' heartbroken reactions to a mass shooting, and more from this week's news

By Police1 Staff

Have you been keeping up with the news on Police1? Take a look at some of the most memorable quotes from this week's top police stories. We're highlighting law enforcement's reaction to a horrific mass shooting, San Francisco's Pride parade, a haunting subway rescue and more of the best quotes from this week's news.

These are our top quotes:

"We're not learning. We should be learning each time and not allowing it to happen again. But that's not what's happening."


"They're bringing in people to distract the police from the actual drag racing. This guy took it to the next level."


"LGBTQ+ officers [were told to] hang up their uniforms and put them back in the closet."


"We heard the train coming toward us at first, and then we saw the light of a train."


"If there was anything positive in the energy of the universe that night, it was just a little bit of physics."

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