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‘You’ve got your whole life ahead of you’: Watch as these officers talk man from jumping off bridge

The officers, who spent close to 90 minutes talking to the man, had just gone through training for this type of situation

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Photo/YouTube via Law and Crime

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By Ashley Silver

DAYTON, Ohio — Just as a man was about to jump from an Ohio bridge railing, Dayton Police officers were able to coax him to safety through quick thinking, prior training and a little patience.

WDTN News reported the officers, who were initially called to the scene by witnesses, arrived to find a man standing on the outside of a bridge threatening to jump. According to the news platform, one of the officers calmly initiated a conversation with the man by saying, “I’d like to talk to you, figure out what’s going on.”

The officer continued to speak with the man as seconds and minutes ticked by, attempting to coax him from the ledge. Another officer even offered the man his coat for warmth and the opportunity to speak with his family members on the phone.

“More than an hour – closer to 90 minutes – to talk to somebody, talk to them into not harming themselves, that is extraordinary,” Lt. David Matthews told WDTN News. “It’s a testament to the training that we did.”

The man eventually climbed back over the railing and was helped to safety by the officers.

“It was actually kind of a proud moment that Officer Boone was able to talk to this guy and basically negotiate him to the other side of the rail,” Matthews said. “And ultimately no harm was done and the person got the help that he needed.”

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