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Mental Health Outreach

Through a Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Program grant, more than 35 officers have taken the virtual reality training so far
Proper departmental training and officer implementation of best practices ensures those encounters with individuals in mental crisis end safely and not as another headline
The goal is always to have legally sustainable policy and practice guidelines in place that are supported by officer training
Mental Health
First H.E.L.P. is honoring first responders who have died by suicide, ensuring they are remembered for how they lived, not how they died
The expansion would cost $1.9 million, which would be covered by a federal grant
The Mobile Crisis Response Team Community Coalition is funded in part by a more than $500,000 grant from the Bureau of Justice Assistance
The man struck the officers in the head with the machete and tried to grab an officer’s gun
Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputies tried to speak with the man for several minutes before he came out at them wielding a knife
The man was intoxicated with alcohol and heroin and told officers that “other guys” were telling him to take his own life
When a young man with harmful intentions is persuaded to seek help, a Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management team’s prompt intervention illustrates their essential function
The funding will boost Community-Led Crisis Response Teams, enhancing coordination between law enforcement and mental health professionals during mental health crises
How an ancient tool inspired today’s non-lethal, non-contact restraint BolaWrap
Prioritize first responder safety and wellness with grants to support initiatives for mental health, resilience and physical fitness
Mental Health
The program allows deputies to call on mental health providers when they encounter someone who could benefit from treatment services, housing assistance, counseling or other assistance
Attorneys initially sought the death penalty for Elliahs Dorsey, who shot and killed Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Officer Breann Leath
“It’s taking some of the workload from us and shifting the resources to the appropriate responders,” said LAPD interim Chief Dominic Choi
Mike Lawson leads the charge in bolstering officer support, outlining initiatives for peer support, resilience groups, wellness hours and mental health check-ins
Officers deployed TASERs and bean bag rounds at the suspect before the shooting
Exploring proactive strategies for mental health and wellness within the law enforcement community with Chief Dave Norris and Chaplain Jared Altic
The Orange County Sheriff’s Department is implementing a 911 screening process that involves a few short questions to determine if a deputy or a mental health expert will respond to the call
The Summit Wellness Center supports the physical, mental, spiritual, social and financial wellbeing of all local first responders and their families
The panel of judges unanimously reversed former DeKalb County Police Officer Robert Olsen’s conviction after finding that the department’s use-of-force policy conflicted with state law
The first-line supervisor holds a unique position to guide and protect their team in ways unmatched by anyone else in the department
Discover how LMPD’s Wellness Unit’s framework paved the way for officer support and agency resilience following a 2023 active shooter incident at the Old National Bank
Mental Health
“We are against the wall,” said Chief John Clair, an Army veteran who sometimes shuttles patients himself, and did so last month on a nearly 15-hour round trip to a hospital on the other side of the state
Mental Health
Some counselors said they had received training only in talking to people experiencing suicidal thoughts and not how to deal with other mental health issues, such as anxiety attacks, substance intoxication and withdrawal and mood disorders
Mental Health
“In times of need, we want to do everything we can to protect those in crisis and get them timely help and health,” Gov. Phil Murphy said
The man was hit with a TASER and shot before continuing to threaten officers with a knife
The man had broken into at least two businesses and threatened to kill at least three people, including his parents, before barricading himself inside an apartment