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April Fools’ Day: LE agencies show their fun sides on social media

Take a look at the pranks and fakeouts police departments posted on April Fools’ Day this year

April Fools

“Cops at the donut shop”

Mendon Police Department via X

By Police1 Staff

April Fools’ Day allows police departments a chance to show their humorous side, momentarily trading seriousness for pranks and laughs on social media. From imaginary initiatives to mythical creature alerts, these posts reveal law enforcement’s lighter, human side. Our article highlights the most amusing April Fools’ antics by police, showcasing their ability to engage and entertain, reminding us that humor is a universal language, even in the line of duty.

Slow your roll

Cops at the donut shop


New dog on the job

Tactical Crocs

Feline unit

Whose cruiser?