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Community Relations

A majority of respondents to a recent survey support revising laws to remove the authority of police over minor violations that now are grounds for a vehicle stop
Always be prepared for questions about your agency’s traffic stop responses, policy and patrol officer training
“If I can help one person, then I have accomplished my mission.”
“We serve at the public’s discretion and should partner with them to understand what the public’s priorities are,” Chief JD Younger said
The manager allegedly told the officer that uniformed law enforcement had to be invited into the candy store, according to the FOP
Alicia Wadas, an advertising executive and a grandmother, has a second, not-quite-secret life: she’s with the FBI
Alicia Wadas recently received a first-ever recognition for her impact while serving as president of the FBI National Citizens Academy Alumni Association
Clarifying the source of common myths and misconception and recognizing our bias is the first step to building bridges and maintaining partnerships
Chief Philip Lukens has a simple goal: Allow computers to do computer work and humans to do human work
It’s a rhetorical distraction that prevents making progress on key public safety challenges
One thing we need to remember is that homelessness is not a crime. All people need to be treated with dignity and respect