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“If the police are the people, and the people are the police, this is a week for everyone to embrace.”
Media and public communications are vastly different in today’s digital age
We asked, you answered: Here are four benefits and four drawbacks readers listed as their top pros and cons of working in law enforcement
“I encourage you @AOC to visit Columbia and do a walk-through,” Deputy Commissioner of Operations Kaz Daughtry stated. “I promise our officers their job, and protect you like they have protected everyone on campus...”
Video captured the moment Officer Cooper dove and captured the pig, who had been on the run for about a week
Take a look at the pranks and fakeouts police departments posted on April Fools’ Day this year
The #dontstealinseal campaign show the apprehension and jailing of suspected thieves in “Cops” meets MTV-style productions
Julie Parker speaks with Captain Jake Becchina about managing crisis communications during a shooting incident at the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade
“This car has been through it all and keeps on going. Sure, the leg room in the back is minimal and the rear seats aren’t all that comfortable, but real friends sit up front anyway!” the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook
The request comes after the department posted a photo of suspects with their faces hidden by the yellow heads, writing that they did so to comply with a new state law
NYPD Commissioner Edward Caban agreed that NYPD officers must ensure that social media posts are accurate after a patrol chief misidentified a judge in a post on X
These social media celebrations recognize the courage, dedication and leadership of women in law enforcement
A California state law that went into effect on Jan. 1 restricts when law enforcement agencies can post mug shots online
Law enforcement agencies nationwide highlight the courage, dedication and achievements of Black officers, reinforcing a commitment to diversity and inclusion
From officers explaining why they love their community to images of K-9 officers adorned with flowers, these posts are a mix of professionalism and festive spirit
“In addition to being police officers, we are also members of the community. We have lives outside of policing, too.”
It took about eight people, including one sergeant and two deputies, to move the 12-foot, 600-pound gator
Nearly everyone at the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office was in favor of putting up a tree in the lobby; the sheriff took some convincing, so a couple of determined deputies started leaving smaller trees in the lobby
Jeff Rhinerson will support court security officers in upholding the safety and integrity of the Judicial Center in his role as a court security assistant
Cpl. Carlos Brito was released Tuesday, just in time for the holidays; Brito and Deputy Manuel “Manny” Santos were both severely injured by a suspect who intentionally drove into them
Police departments nationwide are innovating with recruitment videos to attract recruits and lateral officers
“This career … often involves balancing work and family, and our chief is so supportive of the family life outside of work,” the Modesto PD stated
Law enforcement agencies of all sizes can and should create videos to share with their community about the work they do and the impact they are having
Think and consult before you prohibit or arrest
One of the trickiest parts of police public relations is understanding the gap between police culture and the world of the average citizen
The battery-powered Power Wheels Jeep has a top speed of 5 mph and no lights
“Big thanks to Shaq for his continued support for law enforcement and spending time with his old police department. It was great to see him back in our uniform!” the Port Police said