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Watch: Screams for help coming from a farm fool Okla. officers

“Sometimes a call can really get your goat,” the Enid Police Department stated


Enid Police Department/Facebook

By Moira Ritter
The Charlotte Observer

ENID, Okla. — Officer David Sneed and Officer Neal Storey leaped into action yesterday after receiving a report of someone crying for help.

“I think it’s a person. That’s a person!” one of the officers says in body camera footage released by Enid Police Department in a May 9 Facebook post.

After identifying the sound as a “a distinct yell for ‘help,’” the officers began racing toward the noise, the department said.

But as they got closer, they got a big surprise: The “person” was actually just a goat.

“It’s a goat?” the same officer said with a laugh in the video.

Instead of a person in distress, the officers were met with a very upset goat, and a farmer who explained that the animal had been “separated from one of his friends,” according to the department.

“Sometimes a call can really get your goat,” the department said. “All in all, you really can’t say it was that baaad of a call.”

Enid is about 90 miles north of Oklahoma City.

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