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School Resource Officer

Facility dog Betsy is an invaluable presence at the Wrightstown Community School District, bringing joy and relief to students, staff and officers alike
School resource officer Nicholas Calello helps one of his students fix his tie before graduation
“In reality, in the 2020s, if we are not looking at the digital footprint of a student of concern, we are really not doing a comprehensive threat assessment.”
Board members who opposed the creation of the police department cited prospective difficulty in recruiting officers and criticized the “lack of research” that went into the proposal
It’s important to remember your audience when talking to school staff about safety
To help pay for the program, the Broward County school district may phase out its guardian program, which provides 120 armed security guards, and replace them with sworn police officers
Deputy Scot Peterson cited other cases that say officers don’t have an obligation to protect others from third-party harm and cannot be sued for decisions made during a crisis
The “school safety officers” do not do other police work like SROs do, but do use police radios for speedier emergency response, unlike private security guards
The Hennepin County attorney’s interpretation of the student restraint law “puts us back to where we were roughly two weeks ago, Minn. Chiefs of Police Association Executive Director Jeff Potts said
Minnesota law enforcement associations are asking for a special legislative session on the SRO law that changed the “reasonable force standard” in schools
“Every child and every parent should feel an absolute peace of mind as they travel to and from school,” Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said