High school grad youngest to join Iowa police department

Kylie McCaughey, now 19 years old, was hired by the Marion Police Department fresh out of high school

By Police1 Staff

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — A recent high school grad is excited to start the only career she ever remembers wanting to have: law enforcement. 

KCRG reports that Kylie McCaughey, 19, has always wanted to be a cop. At just 18 years old and fresh out of high school, she was hired by the Marion Police Department, who believe she’s the youngest to join the rank and file in the history of the PD.

McCaughey, who also completed a year of college courses while still in high school, was determined to serve. 

“There’s an opportunity every day to reach somebody. To meet somebody in their worst situation and to possibly help … is what I’ve always wanted to do,” McCaughey told KCRG.

McCaughey also credits her high school SRO, Officer Tom Daubs, for inspiring her to don the badge and uniform. 

”I tell kids in school all the time I have the best job in the world. And then for someone like Kylie to see that and run with it and now be a police officer as well, that’s such an awesome experience for everyone involved,” Daubs told KCRG.

McCaughey, who was hired last year, recently completed her academy and field training.

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