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Two Minn. deputies step into their fathers’ law enforcement footsteps

Both parents spoke recently about the opportunity to share their passion for serving others with their sons


Photo/YouTube via WCCO News

By Ashley Silver

ANOKA, Minn. — It’s often a proud moment for fathers to describe their sons as “chips off the old block,” after accomplishing a great feat. Two Minn. officers recently got the opportunity to do just that after watching their sons follow the same paths they took to become Anoka County Sheriff deputies.

CBS News reported Det. Chris Johnson sat down with CBS news to describe his surprise and excitement to work with his son in Anoka County.

“I can’t believe he’s doing this,” Chris said. “Here he is, he’s my son, you know and I’ve been in this career for 25 years and I’m sitting next to him working.”

Retired Det. Thomas Strusinski also spoke to CBS about sharing his passion for serving others with his son, who was also recently sworn in as an Anoka County deputy.

“It’s a wonderful career, I had a great 28 years … serving the people in Anoka County was, you know, an ambition of mine,” Thomas told the news platform. “And to see him continue serving the citizens of Anoka County is just a wonderful thing.”

Det. Thomas believes his son and future officers will push the law enforcement field to new heights.

“The new generation I think is going to better than the older generation,” Thomas told CBS. “My son, you know, he’s smarter than I am, he’s more in tune what’s going on, and I’m very proud of him and very happy that he’s going into the career.”

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