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The Armored Group launches the latest ballistic armored technical transport designed for law enforcement agencies, The BATT®-X

PHOENIX — The Armored Group (TAG), a worldwide provider of armored vehicles, has just unveiled its newest armored vehicle, The BATT®-X series (Ballistic Armored Tactical Transport®) is a larger version BATT®-APX. Additional length is added to the APX to allow the BATT®-X to carry 12-14 Officers, depending on size of operators and amount of gear. The vehicle was created for law enforcement agencies and tactical teams to carry out rescue operations in a variety of settings.
BATT®-X Features:
The new Armored Group BATT®-X series includes features that add a higher level of comfort and safety than most other armored vehicles on the market. The BATT®-X was designed to accommodate fully geared officers comfortably and with the utmost security. The BATT®-X model includes, but are not limited to the following options:

  • B7/NIJ IV+ .50 Cal Ball Ammo Protection or B6/NIJ III Armor Levels
  • Blast mitigating floor
  • Internal armored firewall
  • Rifle-rated roof protection
  • Fully armored hood clip
  • TAG Exclusive Flip Forward Front Clip System
  • Best-in-class climate control system
  • Dual heating and air conditioning systems in front and back
  • Oversized Rear Deployment bumper and Side Running Boards for safe and easy use
  • Insulation package
  • Front door lockout ability at 90° and 45°
  • Rear door lockout ability at 90°
  • Heavy Duty Oversized Running Boards
  • Optic-ready gun ports
  • Four-wheel drive off-road capabilities
  • Enclosed under-seat storage in rear compartment with back board slat cut outs
  • 360° Rotating Counterbalanced Turret with Oversized flush-mounted sniper step Roof Hatches
  • Emergency Lights and Siren System

The BATT®-X was based on the Ford F-550 4×4 chassis, available in either gas or diesel engines. The diesel version offers more torque and a faster throttle response, while the gas model is quieter and less expensive, but still offers adequate horsepower. The BATT®-X can achieve highway speeds of over 80 miles an hour (128 kph) with 12 to 14 fully geared officers inside.

BATT-X features proven and independently verified .50 CAL armor protection and offers a slew of capabilities including adjustable multi-angle hydraulic ram, gas injection devices, ram camera with sound, thermal cameras, winches, run flats, turret protection, 4 side door/crew cab/ off road tire/rim packages and more. The BATT-X also includes an industry leading innovation, the flip forward or removable front clip, which provides easy access to the engine bay.

This new modular platform, combined with TAG’s production and design capabilities, allows for reduced production time and quicker delivery to law enforcement agencies in need of armor protection. The platform can also be adjusted for EOD, Medevac, and Border Patrol teams.

“The Armored Group designed the BATT®-X series of vehicles using input provided by tactical teams around the world; it stems from a need for vehicles that offer protection, comfort, ease of maintenance, storage, and maneuverability superior to the competition.

The BATT-X offers unparalleled protection for our law enforcement agencies. The wide range of technical attributes found in the BATT-X makes it a desirable transport vehicle when lives are on the line,” said Robert Pazderka, founder and president of The Armored Group. “All of our armored vehicles are manufactured with the end user in mind and keeping our military, law enforcement personnel, government officials and others that need top level security measures to keep them safe and secure.”

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Media inquiries or to request additional information, contact Mary Garrett at 602-432-2010.

About The Armored Group:
The Armored Group (TAG) has nearly 25 years of experience engineering, manufacturing and modifying armored and non-armored vehicles for use by government military agencies, law enforcement, private businesses, individual citizens and anyone needing a high level of personal protection around the world. TAG engineers, designs, builds and modifies vehicles for any terrain and any environment. TAG provides the highest quality armored vehicles available and sets the standard for customization, reliability and protection. To ensure that all TAG vehicles meet the highest standards of safety, they undergo extreme ballistics testing and have received VPAM-BVR 2009/VR7 Ballistic/ERV 2010 Blast Certification for their Toyota Land Cruiser and Toyota Hilux armoring solutions.

All facilities are ISO 9001 certified and managed by fully qualified and experienced professionals who serve customers around the world.

TAG is a full-line commercial armored vehicles builder and has provided customized engineering, design and building solutions to a vast array of clients including law enforcement agencies all over the world, Brinks, Loomis, Dunbar Armored, KBR, Lockheed Martin, DynCorp, U.S. Army and Air Force, U.S. and foreign governments and agencies such as the DOD, DOS and the United Nations. For more information, please visit these company websites: and or call: 1 888-997-5607 or 602 840 2271.