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SafeGuard ARMOR StealthPRO: The New Level IV Concealable Bullet Proof Vest

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Missouri, USA – SafeGuard ARMOR, a leading manufacturer of body armor with clients across the law enforcement, military, and domestic sectors, has released a new concealable bullet proof vest offering the highest level of ballistic protection.

The StealthPRO bullet proof vest is a lightweight solution for police officers, soldiers, and security personnel, providing robust defense against a vast range of ammunition. Made with 100% DuPontTM Kevlar® armor panels and able to accommodate ceramic ballistic plates, this vest will stop bullets fired by handguns, sub-machine guns, and high-powered rifles: this versatility offers comprehensive protection in any high-risk situation.

In the past, such heavy-duty bullet proof vests were heavy, uncomfortable, and cumbersome to wear, but the StealthPRO features a lightweight build so essential to today’s needs. This vest features CoolMAX® fabrics, a high-performance material that absorbs sweat away from the skin, bringing it through to the exterior for faster evaporation; this creates a cooler, more comfortable experience for the wearer. With military personnel, law-enforcement officers and security operatives undertaking grueling, high-pressure physical tasks (often in hot climates), this temperature-control technology can prevent overheating and distracting discomfort.

Concealable body armor is key in many situations, particularly undercover work performed by police officers and bodyguards. The StealthPRO is designed to sit comfortably underneath other layers for long periods, and its extra Velcro straps allow for quick adjustments whenever needed.

“The SafeGuard ARMOR StealthPRO is a powerful new addition to the body armor market,” said a spokesperson for SafeGuard ARMOR. “Keeping armor discreet is essential in many situations, and keeping the wearer comfortable for long periods was vital to the design process. With SAPI pockets able to carry ballistic plates for maximum protection against firearms, this will optimize the wearer’s safety – no matter how extreme the risk.”

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About SafeGuard ARMOR:

SafeGuard ARMOR is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of body armor, with more than seven years’ experience supplying to domestic and business customers across the globe. Today, SafeGuard ARMOR manufactures body armor in the United States and Europe, shipping to over 100 countries. Their range features protective vests at all NIJ levels, providing complete safety solutions against ballistic, edged blade, and spiked-weapon threats.