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Aurora police to deploy Truleo body camera analytics

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Automated Body Camera Review Platform Empowers Police to Optimize Officer Training

CHICAGO - Truleo, the leading provider of automated body camera review and analysis technology for law enforcement, today announced that the Aurora (CO) Police Department has signed on to utilize the company’s body camera data analysis platform.

Truleo processes body camera videos for departments across the country to help automate supervision, facilitate coaching, and promote police professionalism. The technology automatically detects critical events such as uses of force, pursuits, frisking, and non-compliance incidents, and screens for both professional and unprofessional officer language so supervisors can then praise or review officers’ conduct.

Numerous law enforcement agencies around the country transcribe their body camera videos but do not separate officer language from civilian language, which severely limits any intelligence gathered, such as the opportunity to provide officer coaching for critical events. In addition, many departments are struggling to redact any personally identifiable civilian data (PII) that was transcribed and to implement storage safeguards. Truleo solves these problems through a set of capabilities referred to as Responsible Transcription™, ensuring civilian privacy by using several layers of protection such as auto-redaction of any civilian PII and can even filter out civilian speech entirely.

Like most departments in the U.S., Sergeants in the Aurora Police Department are only able to manually conduct random body camera reviews each month on a small percentage of the videos, but Truleo’s body camera analytics platform will automatically scan 100% of all videos for insights that are designed to provide a more comprehensive review that can facilitate coaching. This “precision guided audit” is designed to save the Sergeant’s time and create a more efficient performance review process.

“Body cameras merely capture and store data. It’s the insights buried in that data that is the key to improving outcomes for both officers and the community,” said Anthony Tassone, CEO of Truleo. “

“We will convert our body worn camera data into a roadmap for officer coaching and to strengthen community trust,” said Art Acevedo, Chief of Police for the Aurora Police Department. “Truleo allows us to transcribe and analyze every second of these videos in a responsible manner that protects civilian privacy, and for the first time, give law enforcement the ability to contextualize individual and organizational performance.”

About Truleo
Truleo analyzes police body camera videos using natural language processing to help promote police professionalism. Truleo partnered with FBI National Academy alumni to build models that detect critical events and deconstruct officers’ language into professionalism metrics to help agencies promote best practices, train new officers, and mitigate risk. To learn more about Truleo’s mission to improve trust in the police with body camera analytics, visit