Sewanee Police Choose PatrolEyes Body Cameras

Sewanee, Tennessee Sewanee Police Department located in Franklin County, Tennessee has chosen to outfit officers with PatrolEyes SC–DV6 body cameras. Sewanee lies on the western edge of the Cumberland Plateau in the southeastern part of Middle Tennessee, best known as the home of The University of the South.

Private Investigator, Christopher Layne of the Sewanee Police Department has cited several reasons in the decision for the new PatrolEyes SC–DV6 body camera. Among those reasons that influenced the decision was the large record button placed directly on the front of the device. Layne stated "The large record button makes it easier for officers to record incidents while in a rush, or while wearing gloves in cold weather." Camera resolution was next in the list of factors for Sewanee. High resolution photos are an integral part of many criminal investigations and evidence collection. Layne mentioned, "the SC–DV6 has a 23MP camera as compared to the 16MP of other models including the SC–DV5 –predecessor to the new SC–DV6." Safety of evidence and information is another key feature in which the SC–DV6 truly excels. With password protected date and time stamp option on every video and officer ID that can't be tampered with. "This is important to us because we are getting accredited through ICALEA (International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators), and this is one feature they look for" Layne stated. The final factor that made the PatrolEyes SC–DV6 Sewanee's camera of choice is the available docking station. "The S–CDV6 is compatible with an 8 port docking bay which the unit drops into, as opposed to having to connect a cable to the unit each time we want to download. This will save on wear and tear to the cameras." The department is also using the PatrolEyes Camera Management Software, a complete password protected solution to asset management. The software allows management of several cameras and their data retrieval, settings changes and documentation.

The PatrolEyes SC–DV6 truly shines above the rest in the functions and features department. Image quality is top notch with this model. It boasts a 23 megapixel camera, 145° field of view and the ability to shoot in crystal clear 1080P and 720P at 60 frames per second. button, and the auto night vision option allows you to record in any environment day or night! "We've built the Elite model to meet and exceed the needs of many police departments. Many body cameras do not record well in low light conditions and that's where our SC–DV6 model excels! There are many advanced features and options available that allow each department to customize the cameras to best meet their needs", states PatrolEyes CEO Mike Gramza.

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PatrolEyes body cameras by StuntCams are the most innovative cameras designed specifically for police and law enforcement. StuntCams has been an industry leader in the specialty cameras market for years and now has developed the most innovative line of body cameras to date. By paying close attention to each detail the PatrolEyes models by StuntCams are designed to be the most user friendly body cameras with the most advanced features, highest quality components, at the most competitive prices.
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