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Frederick County Maryland State’s Attorney’s Office selects the NICE Justice Solution to accelerate digital transformation

With the ability to streamline digital evidence management, NICE Justice will be a game-changer for the Frederick County State’s Attorney’s Office

HOBOKEN, N.J. - NICE today announced that the State’s Attorney’s Office for Frederick County, Maryland, part of the Washington, DC metropolitan area, will be deploying NICE Justice, one of the solutions in NICE’s Evidencentral platform, to transform how it manages digital evidence, from evidence intake to case building and trial preparation. The Frederick County State’s Attorney’s Office represents the State of Maryland in all criminal prosecutions that result from crimes charged by local law enforcement agencies occurring in Frederick County. The NICE Justice solution will help the State’s Attorney’s Office streamline its management of digital evidence so it can improve its effectiveness in managing cases and delivering justice.

Part of the Evidencentral cloud-based platform, NICE Justice digitally transforms how prosecutors receive, interact with, manage and share digital evidence throughout the criminal justice process. Freed from logging into multiple systems and manual, time-consuming digital evidence management processes, attorneys and staff are able to find the truth in digital evidence faster and focus on building and presenting compelling cases. NICE Justice also features tools to jumpstart the trial preparation process, including built-in software for transcription, redaction, photobook creation, evidence sequencing and timeline creation.

The Frederick State’s Attorney’s Office manages 6,000-plus cases a year, and as the quantity of digital evidence associated with cases continues to rise, caseloads are becoming increasingly difficult to manage. The State’s Attorney’s Office collaborates with multiple law enforcement agencies, and each has its own way of sharing digital evidence. This creates added work for office personnel who need to manually upload and catalog evidence from CDs, hard drives and thumb drives. NICE Justice streamlines and accelerates this process by providing a unified, secure online portal for law enforcement agencies to upload digital evidence to the cloud. Prosecutors can also share discoverable evidence securely with defense attorneys, through a fully trackable, digital process.

Frederick County State’s Attorney J. Charles Smith III, said, “The mission of the Frederick County State’s Attorney’s Office is to promote public safety and foster a sense of security in our community by pursuing justice in a fair, honest, efficient and ethical manner. Digital evidence is essential to our mission, but with the volume of digital evidence exploding in recent years it has created a challenging situation. NICE Justice will improve our daily workflow, provide an efficient way to ingest evidence, and allow us to transfer all of our digital evidence through one download link. When attorneys and staff work more productively, that’s good for everyone in the criminal justice system.”

Chris Wooten, Executive Vice President, NICE, said, “The primary mission of every State’s Attorney’s office is to advocate for victims of crime, provide them with timely justice, and make sure their cases are managed professionally and efficiently. Toward that end any system that can help improve daily workflow, help prosecutors find the truth in digital evidence faster, and improve case outcomes is key. That is why increasing numbers of district attorney’s offices across the U.S., including Frederick County, are turning to NICE Justice to streamline the criminal justice process.”

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About the State’s Attorney’s Office for Frederick County, Maryland

The Frederick County State’s Attorney’s Office prosecutes all criminal, juvenile, and serious traffic offenses that occur in Frederick County. The office has four divisions: the Circuit Court Division, which oversees all serious felony offenses; the District Court Division, which manages misdemeanor criminal and serious traffic offenses; the Juvenile Division, which handles all offenses committed by offenders under the age of eighteen; and the Child Support Division, which works to establish and enforce parental support obligations. The Office collaborates with police officers, local police agencies, state and local government agencies, and the general public to provide information and services. The Office also works to develop crime prevention programs in cooperation with other agencies. More info at:

NICE Public Safety & Justice

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