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MCP Launches Radio System Management Service

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STATE COLLEGE, Pa. —Mission Critical Partners (MCP) today launched a new radio system management service designed to help mission-critical agencies effectively manage and maintain their land mobile radio (LMR) systems.

Effectively managing a radio system after it is implemented involves many tasks to ensure that it continues to perform optimally. In fact, nearly 70 tasks are required to manage a radio system effectively, with most of them falling to the agency to perform. Key tasks include:

  • Monitoring maintenance contracts pertaining to system performance
  • Managing contracts and leases, radio system facilities maintenance contracts, and tower leases
  • Managing Federal Communications Commission licenses

However, most mission-critical agencies are ill-prepared to handle these tasks due to a lack of resources.

“Most agencies have only one or two people responsible for radio system management – if any at all,” said Scott Neal, MCP wireless communications market segment leader. “Performing all of the essential tasks required to maintain and monitor a system can require a dozen resources or more who have the skillsets, expertise, and experience to do so, especially if it is a large-scale, complex system.”

MCP’s new offering is intended to help agencies prepare for the specific tasks required to properly manage and maintain a radio system to achieve optimal performance at the best value. Depending on an agency’s desired approach, MCP’s services are available to supplement these tasks, which can be performed directly by an agency or outsourced to a radio vendor and/or local radio shop. Learn more about MCP’s new offering here.

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