Utah State University PD Makes the Switch to FreeLinc's Wireless Systems

Logan, UT - Police Officers patrolling Utah State University are now safer and more comfortable, thanks to new FreeLinc wireless systems.

“My officers look better, but most important, we are rid of a heavy microphone cord which could be used as a weapon against the officers,” stated Steven Mecham, Police Chief at Utah State University.

All full-time USU Police Officers and Fire Marshals now use the FreeLinc system.

FreeLinc’s FreeMic 200 and FreeMotion 200 provide the officers with a secure communication system for their portable radios without the hazards and hassles of typical corded or wired systems. Both interface with standard-issue portable radios through a FreeLinc adapter, which transmits a secure magnetic signal to a remote cordless speaker mic or headset.

Incidence of officers being attacked with their own radio speaker microphone cords and entanglement concerns have made many departments rethink the safety of traditional corded speaker microphones.

“One of my officers borrowed a FreeLinc Cordless Speaker Mic from a neighboring police department. He highly recommended the system for its convenience, comfort, and reliability. I like being rid of the bulky cord,” Chief Mecham further said.

“We are proud to have Utah State University as our customer,” stated Randy Bailey, FreeLinc CEO and President. “We are eager to continue to provide Chief Mecham and his officers the quality products and support they have come to expect and deserve from FreeLinc.”

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