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NTOA’s 2020 Law Enforcement Operations Conference is going virtual

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The NTOA is moving its 2020 Law Enforcement Operations Conference online!

While we will not be gathering in one location, the NTOA team is working diligently to make this virtual conference a truly extraordinary event.

By going virtual, you still have access to the leading presenters in the field who were previously scheduled to speak at our in-person event in Kansas City, and much more:

  • Safety: While we know our in-person event is extremely popular, by going virtual we have eliminated concerns about travel, lodging and other COVID-19 restrictions that could impact you, your family, or your team.
  • High-quality education: Participate daily in 2- or 4-hour virtual sessions, led by subject matter experts, on topics that matter most to you like law and liability issues, use of force, leadership, resilience and well-being, incident debriefs, negotiations, policing protests, decision-making, and more.
  • Cost savings: Now that the conference is 100% virtual, the NTOA will not incur our usual costs. This means we are able to pass the savings along to you. Going virtual also means you and your agency will save money on travel, lodging and per diem.
  • Convenience. Attend for one day, two days, or the full three-day event from your home or office.
  • Continuing education credit. As a participant, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance at the completion of the virtual conference, which may fulfill continuing education requirements.


Incident debriefs:

  • 2019 I-94 Vehicle Hostage Incident

  • A Barricade of Challenges
  • Fire, Water & Foam - Integration of Fire Personnel into Tactical Operations
  • Houston, TX SWAT Active Shooter
  • Lane Drive Hostage Rescue, Cobb County, GA
  • The Oregon District Active Shooter Incident, Dayton, OH
  • Tragedy to Triumph


  • A Series of Operational Explosive Breaches: Lessons Learned
  • Behavior-Based CQB/Room Entry
  • Building Resilience within the Tactical Athlete
  • Concepts of Managing a Dynamic Patrol Incident
  • Critical Thinking & Condensed Time Decision-Making for the Team
  • Instructor Development for Active Shooter Training
  • Leading Beyond Chaos
  • Legal Update: Tactical Operations Liability, Current Trends, Legal & Policy Considerations
  • Lessons Gleaned from Research of High-Profile Critical Incidents
  • Managing a Critical Incident in Times of Anti-Police Sentiment
  • Mission-Based Tactics
  • Negotiations for All
  • Policing Political Protests (with National Standards)
  • Coordinated Response to Excited Delirium Incidents
  • Response to Suicidal Subjects: What are You Doing?
  • Supervising Sniper Operations in Today’s Environment
  • Surviving Team Leadership in the Current Environment
  • Task Force Operations: Lessons from the Murder of a CI
  • The Articulation of the Use of Deadly Force
  • The Consummate SWAT Professional
  • The Down & Dirty on Being a SWAT Commander
  • Stress Management Imperatives
  • The Science of Decision-Making for Leaders


Ind. member:

  • 3 days: $279
  • 2 days: $229
  • 1 day: $129


  • 3 days: $334
  • 2 days: $284
  • 1 day: $184

Spread the word and join us for this exciting event!

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