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Smith & Warren wins 2024 NAUMD Innovation Award for Best Badge Design

The award-winning badge design belongs to the Neptune Beach, Florida Police Department

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WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. — Smith & Warren is thrilled to announce its recent win at the 2024 NAUMD Innovation Awards in the Best Badge or Emblem Design category. The award-winning badge design belongs to the Neptune Beach, Florida Police Department, which stood out for its creativity, craftsmanship, and use of innovative design and manufacturing technology.

The NAUMD’s Innovation Awards recognize excellence within the public safety uniform industry. Submissions are selected for awards based on originality, technology, and the importance of the problem solved. The Neptune Beach, Florida Police Department badge excelled in all criteria, showcasing a commitment to design innovation and technical craftsmanship.

Lee Galperin, President of Smith & Warren, expressed gratitude for the collaboration that led to this achievement, stating, “This was a rewarding collaboration between Nathan Yarusso, of Naps and Donuts, who came up with the original badge concept and Chief Michael Key and his department for their willingness to embark on this design project to bring his community’s namesake and the ocean theme full circle. I also want to congratulate the team at Smith and Warren who took Nathan’s original concept, and used their design and manufacturing expertise to craft a beautiful badge.”

Chief Michael Key of the Neptune Beach Police Department shared his pride in the badge’s design, stating, “Our badge, with its unique and beautiful design, symbolizes 90 years of our department’s commitment and dedication to serve and protect. With King Neptune’s trident and the dolphins, our badge embodies the protection of our community and serves as a reminder of the weighty responsibility we bear as peace officers.”

Incorporating elements inspired by the city’s coastal heritage, the badge features King Neptune, the Roman god of water, wielding a trident atop breaking waves, with dolphins frolicking on either side. This design pays homage to the community’s namesake and seaside culture while also recognizing the Neptune Beach Police Department’s 90 years of protection and service to their community. The fine detail and sculptural elevation of elements on the badge are made possible using digital tools, laser technology, and 3D sculpting. These innovative design techniques were recognized by NAUMD’s selection of the Neptune Beach Police Department’s badge as the 2024 best-in-class for badge design.

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About Smith & Warren:

Smith & Warren is the leading manufacturer of metal badges and insignia for public safety professionals. All Smith & Warren custom badges are made in the USA in one wholly owned facility in White Plains, NY. Smith & Warren is recognized in the industry for high quality, short lead times, and excellent customer service.

About the NAUMD Innovation Awards:

The NAUMD’s Innovation Awards maintain the tradition of recognizing excellence within the uniform and apparel industry. Submissions are evaluated based on originality, technology, and the importance of the problem being solved.