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SHOT Show: Spartan Tactical Concepts pioneers new ‘go bags’ for law enforcement

The Vehicle Modular Platform is flexible and easy to use

Talking to officers attending SHOT Show provided a lot of insight into what law enforcement professionals were deeming the “most exciting” new releases on the market. Many officers kept referring to a unique “go bag” that officers could hang on their patrol car seat, use as a backpack, or carry as a duty bag.

Phillip and Steven Scoggins at Spartan Tactical Concepts were as excited about their popular VMP (Vehicle Modular Platform) as the officers on the tradeshow floor. Coming from a military background, the brothers realized the need for a simple, useful tool that could hold everything that would normally go in a duty bag (from ammo to first aid kits). Bags become cumbersome and disorganized, not to mention the fact that the items inside aren’t accessible when zipped up in a bag on your patrol car seat.

Enter the Vehicle Modular Platform – an integrated pack strap system that attaches to the front or back of your patrol seat. It is quickly detachable and becomes a hands-free backpack, and also has two handles for easy removal and carrying purposes. When folded in half, the VMP can be carried as a traditional “go bag”. The VMP can also be mounted to ATV racks and aircraft seats or bulkheads.


“We’re trying to solve as many problems with one piece of gear as possible,” Scoggins says.

Users can customize the kit to fit their needs – the VMP does not come with the strap-on pouches, but is structured with one-inch modular webbing to hold a variety of tactical pouches.

Spartan Tactical Concepts is getting great feedback from FBI and SWAT teams already using the platform.

“One of the main things we’re hearing [from users] is how to incorporate armor into [the VMP], and we’re working on that,” says Scoggins.

The VMP has been used in Iraq and Afghanistan, and is currently being rolled out for law enforcement use.

For more information, visit Spartan Tactical Concepts

Doug Wyllie writes police training content on a wide range of topics and trends affecting the law enforcement community. Doug was a co-founder of the Policing Matters podcast and a longtime co-host of the program.