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Gift ideas for your favorite law enforcement officer

There are some incredible products available to make your favorite law enforcement officer’s work life a lot easier and more comfortable


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Countless products are available that would make terrific gifts for just about everyone. Sure, the fancy new phone or the latest high-definition television could be a cool present, but there are some incredible products available to make your favorite law enforcement officer’s work life a lot easier and more comfortable. There are even some things you can do to help them improve their skills while giving them an advantage over the bad guys. Here’s a list of some products to make their life away from home better and safer.

Fisher Space Pen

I’ve had the pleasure of using Fisher Space Pens for the past 24 years. These are the best pens I’ve ever used and well worth spending my own money to buy. My Fisher Space Pen worked in cold, snow-covered mountain areas as well as dry desert environments. When a big part of the job is taking notes, a quality pen is key to writing comfortably.


Fisher Space Pens come in a wide variety of colors and styles to fit your needs, and the ink cartridges will perform under the most challenging conditions.

Fisher Space Pens excel in the most challenging environments. Each Fisher Space Pen is precision made and assembled before being hand tested. These pens are guaranteed to perform in temperatures from -30° to +250° F (-34° to +121° C), in zero gravity, at any angle, and even underwater. These pens were developed for astronauts and selected for use by NASA. Fisher Space Pen succeeded in developing ink cartridges that are sealed and pressurized lasting roughly three times longer than other ballpoint pens, making them very affordable over the long run.

The pens our departments purchase are garbage. The ink runs, the pens don’t last and they won’t write in the rain. Available in a wide variety of cool colors and styles, Fisher Space Pens have taken the durability of their pens to a whole new level by introducing Cerakote-finished space pens. Cerakote offers industry-leading durability, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and chemical resistance. A lot of our firearms and rough-use gear feature a Cerakote finish, so it should last a lifetime on our pens. Check them out at

Stand1 Armory

Stand1 Armory is a Texas-based ammunition manufacturer that is highly responsive to the needs of law enforcement officers with a mission of providing high-quality ammunition to law enforcement agencies and officers. While other manufacturers make the commercial market a business priority due to higher profit margins, Stand1 Armory makes us their priority. Need ammo for training? Stand1 Armory has you covered. Need match-grade ammo for competition? Stand1 Armory has you covered.


Stand1 Armory makes high-quality ammunition for training and competition with a focus on meeting the needs of law enforcement officers.

Another great thing about Stand1 Armory is they aren’t a one-trick pony. If you need frangible training ammo at great prices, Stand1 Armory has what you need in pistol and rifle calibers. They even offer a selection of rifle ammunition ranging from inexpensive training rounds to match quality offerings from .223 through .338 Lapua Magnum. In other words, they offer a full line of ammunition to make your practice and training sessions productive without worrying about price or sacrificing quality.

For the competition shooters in your life, the Stand 1 Armory 9mm 147gr Chubby might be the perfect round for competition. Even shooters who want to enjoy reduced recoil shooting with fast follow-up target acquisition will love this round. The Stand1 Armory Chubbies have less felt recoil over standard 147gr rounds but with sufficient power to knock down steel plates and reliably cycle virtually every firearm. Try some! You won’t want to go back to your old ammo. Check out the offerings from Stand1 Armory at

Wolfhound Clothing

Wolfhound Clothing, the first dress clothing company dedicated to law enforcement, was born from police work. In 2013, while working as a criminal detective, the company founder and his partner attempted to interview a suspected rapist. The suspect fled out the back door leading to a foot pursuit and gunfight. During this incident, the limitations of normal detective wear became abundantly clear. One of the officers had been shot and help was 30 minutes away. In the end, the good guys won, but they knew change was necessary.


Wolfhound Clothing is designed for police officers by police officers. Their pants and dress shirts feature an athletic cut that help you perform instead of holding you back.

Since officers regularly forego uniforms and duty belts for court appearances, grand jury testimony, or detective work, they knew the shortcomings of normal dress attire. Wolfhound Clothing designs its pants for more than sitting behind a desk. They include an athletic fit that allows you to move, a two-way stretch for comfort, front pockets designed to hold a knife, and an accessory pocket custom fit for a set of cuffs, spare mag, or an extra cell phone. When it comes to dress shirts, the details make the difference. This includes the shape and size of the armhole, the length of the shirt, and how they designed the yoke for movement and a stunningly professional look.

As a police officer, you need dress clothes designed to meet the demands of the job that blend functionality with style. Wolfhound Clothing has you covered. Do business with a company that shares your values and lifestyle. Check out the Made in the USA line from

Bodyguard First Responder backpack

The Bodyguard First Responder is an amazing combination of function, simplicity and design. Made to be deployed as fast as possible, the First Responder backpack has no complicated straps or buckles to slow you down. The backpack is laid out perfectly for law enforcement officers. Detectives and school resource officers will absolutely love this backpack. It features a pocket designed to accommodate even the largest laptop. If you’re in plain clothes and away from your body armor, the Bodyguard First Responder backpack provides a low-profile solution in case you need quick ballistic protection. This means you can leave it in your vehicle, office, classroom or home, and if you need it, grab it, put it on, and GO!


The Bodyguard First Responder backpack is a feature-rich backpack that covertly carries ballistic protection that can be quickly deployed when needed.

The First Responder backpack features a patented deployment system that provides instant front and back ballistic protection that meets and exceeds NIJ Standard 0101.06 for ballistic protection. The First Responder looks like a large 40-liter backpack without any hint of armor protection. When the armor is deployed, the Stay-Put Armor System Secures the front armor panel without fumbling with awkward straps or flaps.

The First Responder backpack is made from 1000-denier nylon with triple stitched seams and staked stress points. It will accept two 10” x 12” x 1” hard armor rifle plates or 11” x 14” and 16” x 12” rear soft armor panels with Velcro rockers for agency identifier patches. Check out the tough and capable Bodyguard First Responder backpack at

Training classes

While it would be great if our departments provided all the training we need to operate at a high level of performance, the hard truth is departments don’t have the time or money to train frequently enough to greatly improve officer performance. This is especially true when it comes to the “hard” skills such as firearms, defensive tactics, emergency vehicle operations, and tactical combat care, where officers only receive cursory training. On the range, most training focuses on getting officers to pass a qualification course. Since they must pass the qualification to carry a firearm, the qualification is nothing more than a test of minimum standards. Minimum standards do not equal a high level of performance.

The best way to raise your performance level is to seek outside training from qualified instructors who aren’t limited by department training programs. Whether it’s attending a firearms class, getting enrolled in a local Jui-Jitsu school, or making the trip to a performance driving school, the instructors will challenge your current skill level and work hard to help you improve. You will leave these classes with improved skills and a renewed enthusiasm for future improvement.

Instead of the same old list of gift ideas, give your favorite law enforcement officer something to remember you while they’re at work. These ideas will help them perform better, be more comfortable, and give them a skill advantage over the criminal elements.

Todd Fletcher is the owner and lead instructor for Combative Firearms Training, LLC providing training for law enforcement firearms instructors from coast to coast. He has over 25 years of training experience as a firearms and defensive tactics instructor. He retired after more than 25 years as a full-time police officer and over 31 years of law enforcement experience.

Todd is a member of the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) and the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA). He is a member of the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA), and was selected as the 2022 ILEETA Trainer-of-the-Year. He is also a member of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI) and won the 2023 IALEFI Top Gun Award. He can be reached at