Public Servants Defense Agency White Paper: Six Questions Every Police Officer Should Ask About Protecting Their Career

By Public Servants Defense Agency

Why Do Police Need Personal Legal and Career Protection?
According to the PSDA national survey of police officers:

  • • 88% know a fellow officer who was subject to an adminstrative action
  • • 65% know a fellow officer who has been subject to criminal charges 

In May 2013 Public Servants Defense Agency (PSDA) conducted a national survey of police officers about career protection issues resulting from civil suits, criminal charges, or administrative actions.

The majority of officers surveyed knew someone who has been subject to an administrative action or a civil suit. In a civil suit, typically the officer will receive legal counsel, but it is important to have an independent attorney to ensure you get timely representation.

Most officers do not have a legal plan – but most say that they feel that they should be protected. When officers were asked, what would persuade you to use a specific company for liability insurance? The response from 80% was that an insurance company with “experience insuring police or other law enforcement professionals such as the CIA, FBI, or Homeland Security,” would influence their choice.

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