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American Police Officers Alliance introduces Police Legislative Advocacy Center

ARLINGTON, Va.,- Grassroots political organization American Police Officers Alliance has just announced their most recent project to engage pro-police citizens and provide important resources for free to the public. The Police Legislative Advocacy Center will be a go-to for the public on educating themselves on upcoming legislation and how they can help determine a positive outcome for law enforcement. The PLAC provides resources for contacting local officials and legislators & tips for citizens on how to effectively spur action on legislative issues. This project will continue to grow and develop, offering new and updated resources on current issues, legislation, and more.

“As a grassroots organization, the American Police Officers Alliance recognizes that to create a truly effective movement, we must build momentum from the ground up. In order to effectively influence legislation that affects the Law Enforcement community, it is essential to first educate the public on the issues. That is why we are launching the Police Legislative Advocacy Center page,” Executive Director Daniel Stuebs commented.

American Police Officers Alliance is a political organization working all over the country at local and state levels to help elect local leaders who respect and understand the decisions police officers are forced to make each day, and will fight for their rights and ensure that police officers are receiving the support, tools, training, and compensation they need and deserve.

“One major aspect of this project is making sure that citizens can easily access and understand issues and legislation affecting their local law enforcement,” American Police Officers Alliance Executive Director Daniel Stuebs commented. “Politics- and legislation in particular- can be hard to track down, let alone understand. Our Advocacy Center will make it easy for residents to get involved and make a difference.” Issues will be organized according to state and a simple “support” or “oppose” classification, followed by a breakdown of the issues addressed in each bill and the positions taken by lawmakers.

Visit The Police Legislative Advocacy Center website today to learn more about the project.

American Police Officers Alliance is a nonprofit political organization, organized under Section 527 with the IRS. Contributions made to American Police Officers Alliance are not tax deductible. Not authorized by any candidate or any candidate’s committee.