SHOT 2017: Set up your own firearms and scenario training anywhere with these products

With a few hundred dollars of your agency's or your own money, you can put together a basic system which will allow you train, even if it's 40 below outside

As I wrote late last year, I am a big fan of shoot on the move and shoot/don’t shoot training. Since I am a volunteer first responder and not sworn LE, I don’t have any place that I can do either of these drills in the San Francisco area. But as I heard repeatedly at the SHOT Show, many departments don’t do much more than annual static quals anyway, so I shouldn’t feel too bad – or should I? How can you expect your officers to respond to an incident if they aren’t properly trained to respond in the first place?

With a few hundred dollars of your agency’s or your own money, you can put together a basic system which will allow you do some decent training, even if it’s 40 below outside. Add another thousand dollars and you can buy the Laser Ammo Smokeless Range with the Video Scenario Trainer Pro (VST-P) module for close-to-professional use of force and situational awareness training.

Build your own scenarios using your own videos

The VST-P software plays HD videos that can branch to different outcomes depending on how the trainee responds to the situation or from instructor input. It comes with over ten short pre-loaded scenarios and a powerful scene and zone editor that allows you to create your own videos from your local school, parking lot, grocery store, or department. In fact, it could be used for coaching after an actual incident.

With only a PC, camera, video projector and screen or large screen TV, you can set up a range just about anywhere. In 2015, Doug Wyllie wrote an article on how you can engage (and possibly help de-fuse) your community and gain additional funding through realistic use of force training for civilians. And this is one way to make that happen.

Train with something you know

KWA already has two firearms which are similar to one of the most-issued duty weapons in the United States, and they are adding two more popular models this year.

One of their new models is based on the M9A1 (KWA M9 Tactical PTP) and the other one, called the M226, looks like, feels like, and has the same controls as another popular duty weapon, including an authentic Hogue monogrip.

The KWA M9 PTP and M9 PTP Tactical use the NS2 Gas Blowback system for realistic action. The M9 PTP Tactical’s accessory rail allows for the operator to attach any weapon accessory such as a light or a laser allowing the weapon to adapt to many situations. MSRP is $149 without and $159 with a rail. A Laser Ammo barrel is available for this model for $150.

The insanely cool KWA M226 features a fully functional decocker on the left side allowing users to safely release the hammer with a chambered round and an accessory rail allows the user to add an array of attachments to better adapt to many combat situations. While Laser Ammo doesn’t make a barrel for this model, their $60 Spider will attach to the rail. The M226 is projected to ship in Spring 2017 with an MSRP of $169.

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