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Verizon Frontline’s cloud-based technology aims to help police detect and respond to crime more efficiently
A DEMS is the virtual command post for managing all the digital evidence a police department collects
Attendees naturally are drawn to the tens of thousands of firearms on display, but SHOT Show offers so much more
Grey Man Tactical’s products help turn piles of gear into organized gear
VirTra aims to increase the realism of simulation training with visual upgrades and electrical impulse simulations
I discovered some “every day” and unorthodox LE tools that are a perfect match
Arthur C. Clarke said that any sufficiently advanced technology appears to be magic. I saw magic at some booths
Checking out Federal Premium’s 30 Super Carry, Pepperball’s new launcher and projectile, and Swampfox Sentinel’s duty-grade micro reflex sight
Take a walk with us through some of the exhibits on display at SHOT Show’s famous Industry Day at the Range
Remote desktop units have enabled an ECC to maintain operations during large-scale emergencies even when employees are unable to report to the 911 center
Vortex’s LPVO aids in both accuracy and intel gathering for decision-making
Nothing prepares an officer for the rigor of the job like having targets that can shoot back
Whether working the night shift, or searching a dimly lit building, there’s no reason you have to be in the dark
The first step is understanding the forces that act on an RDS
Vortex products have established a good reputation as durable and reliable optics for law enforcement use – the new SPARC SOLAR and SPITFIRE HD Gen II red dot sights promise to carry on that tradition
The Glock Model 48 slimline 9mm is a state-of-the-art fighting pistol with a small grip frame any cop can master
These new Hydra-Shok Deep loads provide levels of ammunition performance previously restricted to service-size calibers and guns
With many ranges closed due to coronavirus restrictions, alternative practice methods are critical to maintaining your shooting skills
The “metric Ruger” is an excellent choice for officers who carry 9mm sidearms
The design of S30V steel is such that a blade will be sharper, stay sharper longer and resist cracking under a sudden stress
How Fort Wayne PD’s Air Support Unit provided a real-time view from the sky during both peaceful protests and civil unrest
This footwear line helps you support the extra weight you might don for a mission without punishing you for it
Success in a gunfight is improved by fast accurate shooting and the Apex Action Enhancement Trigger is an essential part of that equation
A bolt-action tack driver more than suitable for law enforcement agencies
Agencies have many choices to select from if considering moving from a duty belt to a load-bearing vest
The Walther Arms Q4 Steel Frame shot like a laser beam during SHOT Show 2020 range day