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United Defense Tactical announces ambitious development plans in Florida

Reality-based firearms training concept looks to the Sunshine State for franchising opportunities


United Defense Tactical


COSTA MESA, Calif. — United Defense Tactical, the first-of-its-kind firearms and self-defense training program, is announcing plans to expand their presence into Florida through franchising.

With 8 franchises already awarded and many more in the works across California and Nevada, United Defense Tactical is looking for single and multi-unit franchisees in Miami, Tampa, northern Pensacola, Orlando, Clearwater, and the panhandle who want to equip their local community with the skills and strategies needed for safety.

With over 35% gun ownership rates in Florida, UDT’s Reality-Based Threat Training concept is well-positioned to train the community on responsible weapons use for survival, safety, and confidence in real-world threat scenarios through their cutting-edge approach. It employs advanced technology, immersive simulations, self-defense mastery, mindset, de-escalation and more, to create reality-based courses. Franchisees can offer everyone from newcomers to advanced experts an 8-level progressive training curriculum experience while eliminating the risk and danger of training with live ammunition.

“In today’s day and age, the standards for safety training measures are simply not cutting it. Crime rates are only going up,” says Wes Fox, Founder & CEO. “From civilians, to businesses, schools, law enforcement and military, self-defense training is in high-demand. It’s important to consider what your small business will be bringing to the table, and our progressive firearms and self-defense training classes transform the safety-conscious into the safety-confident, armed with comprehensive skills to protect and defend in any threat scenario.”

United Defense Tactical is the first in the world to provide a welcoming, safe environment for anybody and any skill level to hone their firearms and defense skills with the most comprehensive offering under one roof. Franchisees are fully supported by UDT, and will gain access to world-class curriculum, proprietary technology, comprehensive training, and guidance from leaders backed by decades of franchising excellence with protected territory rights, marketing support, operational guidance, technical support and preferred partner networks. The estimated investment required to open a United Defense Tactical franchise is between $400,000 to $750,000. To learn more about United Defense Tactical, or if interested in a franchise opportunity, please visit

About United Defense Tactical

With our flagship facility founded five years ago and franchising since 2023, United Defense Tactical is a first-of-its-kind self-defense training center actively bringing safety and protection to communities, families, businesses, and individuals. Integrating advanced technology and expert self-defense training, UDT’s top-tier facilities provide a unique and controlled setting for teaching individuals of all skill levels. The focus is on learning to evaluate situations, communicate effectively, de-escalate conflicts, move with precision, and perform well under high-stress, realistic scenarios. For more information, please visit