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NICE Investigate selected by New York’s Nassau County to drive digital transformation for District Attorney’s Office and Police Department

NICE Investigate will help Nassau County’s law enforcement and criminal justice agencies automate digital evidence management processes and comply with new disclosure requirements

Nassau County, New York has signed a multi-year contract with NICE, on behalf of its Police Department and District Attorney’s (DA) Office, to deploy the NICE Investigate Digital Evidence Management Solution (DEMS). The Nassau County agencies will roll out NICE Investigate to over 3,400 officers, attorneys and investigators, to accelerate digital transformation around processes of collecting, analyzing, sharing and disclosing growing digital evidence. Together, the Nassau County Police Department and DA’s Office investigate and prosecute approximately 30,000 criminal cases annually.

NICE Investigate is a one-stop solution for automating manual processes around the collection, management, analysis and sharing of all types of digital evidence. NICE Investigate will seamlessly integrate with Nassau County’s records management, CAD, 911/radio recording, interview room and other policing systems, automatically correlating and gathering multimedia case evidence.

“Digital transformation is the future of policing,” said Chris Wooten, Executive Vice President, NICE. “We’re thrilled that Nassau County, and a growing number of law enforcement agencies around the world, are entrusting NICE with their digital transformation.”

NICE Investigate will also help Nassau County comply with New York State’s Article 245 of the Criminal Procedure Law. NICE Investigate’s workflow and automation technology will make it easier for the District Attorney’s (DA’s) Office to automatically disclose evidence to defense attorneys within the time limit required by law. Instead of copying case files and digital evidence onto DVDs, the DA’s Office will be able to share the entire case by simply sending a secure link.

“Our mission is to serve the people of Nassau County and ensure safe communities through excellence in policing,” said Patrick J. Ryder, Commissioner of Police, Nassau County Police Department. “As digital evidence continues to grow, transforming the way our officers, detectives, crime scene units, and other departments manage digital evidence and investigations is crucial. NICE Investigate will help us streamline evidence collection, analysis and sharing, and in the process improve our ability to close cases with positive results, while also mitigating evidence disclosure issues. NICE Investigate will save time, resources and money.”

“Nassau County has elected to employ the NICE Investigate SaaS solution for digital investigation and evidence management as a tool to assist with compliance with New York’s new discovery reform laws,” said Chief Technology Officer Gordon Trabold of the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office. “State law afforded the County less than eight months to implement solutions and this technology is helping to do so on the timeline required by state statute. We look forward to working with NICE as Nassau County configures these new software solutions for law enforcement.”

Running on the secure Microsoft Azure for Government cloud, NICE Investigate will also facilitate digital evidence process transformation by:

  • Automating evidence collection and analysis: NICE Investigate automatically collects, correlates and assembles digital evidence into case folders. It can even find hidden connections and recommend evidence to investigators.
  • Accelerating investigations: Investigators can use a single login to access, add to and share digital evidence across all connected systems.
  • Eliminating time-wasting manual tasks: Instead of copying evidence onto DVDs and hand-delivering case files, detectives can spend more time investigating and closing cases.
  • Streamlining collection of CCTV evidence: Businesses and citizens can register cameras and share video evidence on request. Uploaded video is automatically transcoded to a playable format and securely stored in the cloud for playback on any Internet-connected device.
  • Helping detectives investigate serial crimes across precincts: All evidence is stored digitally, making it easier to collaborate and establish connections between cases.
  • Simplifying evidence sharing: Investigators can share digital case files with the DA’s Office electronically.
  • Ensuring data integrity, security and access control: NICE Investigate provides robust security, audit and access control over all evidence.