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A Routine Arrest, Or Was It?

Monday morning, May 11, 2015 1:45 AM. Walking through a neighborhood, a thief noticed a cell phone left in a car. He picked it up and checked other cars for personal items to steal.

The thief walked to his girlfriend’s house and began to play with the phone. GPS tracked the thief and officers arrested him while sitting on the porch holding the phone. Another routine Assisted Patrol arrest. But there is more...

Police officers did not plant the bait. A citizen, cooperating with the department, left the bait phone in their own car at 10PM the night before. Law enforcement did not have to use a vehicle or have an officer plant the bait. The bait looked more realistic and the department used less resources to arrest thieves. This mission is a great example of what happens when citizens and police work together to reduce and prevent crime.

A message is now being sent to thieves. It is much harder to steal when Assisted Patrol is used. Anything you steal could be tracked. Bait can be anywhere and everywhere. Police will track you and arrest you.

When will you make your first arrest using Assisted Patrol?

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About Assisted Patrol

Assisted Patrol was developed by Initial Point. We believe that technology can solve everyday problems. We create specialized apps with high technology as well as help high-tech companies bring new technology to the world. It is with this experience that Initial Point released Assisted Patrol.

Police departments across the US are down in numbers. They can’t cut more staff, so extra patrolling without staff is very important. This is exactly why Assisted Patrol was created.

Our Mission: To significantly reduce theft crime by the creating products that police departments and citizens use to protect their private property.