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The Calibre Column is provided by Calibre Press, Inc., one of the most recognized and respected law enforcement training organizations in the industry. Offering hundreds of courses each year on topics ranging from Street Survival®, Active Threat Engagement and Assault Detection & Response to Highway Patrol Tactics, Emotional Survival, and Leadership, Calibre Press has trained more than one million officers nationwide over its 40-year history. In addition to on-site courses, Calibre also offers an increasing collection of training-focused videos available through

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The reality of attacks on officers and how we train for them
“The public has access to this product and can use it against us. You have to know how to defend against it.”
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Ask yourself these questions to assess the risk level of the pursuit
The incident was not only deadly, it was also tactically eye-opening
Encounters with people in wheelchairs can pose safety risks for officers
Never underestimate the risks that can be posed by individuals in wheelchairs
An officer recounts the off-duty, plainclothes survival tips he learned after coming across an armed robbery
The implication of dynamic as a reference to speed is the first flaw in our thinking
Your police K-9 unit is rolling to your location to assist in locating a suspect. Follow these steps for mission success