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How to build trust and fight crime with integrated public safety technologies

The new Trusted City Ecosystem from Motorola Solutions makes it easy to invite citizens to participate in policing for their community

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Citizens expect to be able to communicate via mobile devices. Providing a single public touchpoint at, part of the new Trusted City Ecosystem from Motorola Solutions, enables easy citizen access to streamline your agency’s engagement with the community.

Motorola Solutions

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By Police1 BrandFocus Staff

More than ever, law enforcement agencies need tools and strategies to help build trust with and provide transparency for the citizens they serve. The key is assessing your community’s needs and developing a solution that empowers officers to do their job more efficiently and effectively while creating opportunities for community participation.

Selecting the right technology for your community’s needs is a key part of that solution. To address these needs, Motorola Solutions now offers the Trusted City Ecosystem, a suite of integrated technologies that includes tools to help law enforcement to invite citizens to take a more proactive, partner-based role in public safety.

The Trusted City Ecosystem includes critical policing tools like body-worn cameras, license plate recognition technology, analytics and more, all designed to help agencies make the most of the data they gather. These individual tools are not new, but the ecosystem pulled together into one interactive experience is a new approach designed to help police better protect and serve.

Trusted City also includes technologies to help law enforcement communicate with the public more transparently and effectively – and to invite citizens to contribute to public safety efforts.

“The responsibility of public safety lies in the hands of both law enforcement and the citizens they serve,” said Matthew Brady, vice president and director of software sales at Motorola Solutions. “That’s why agencies across the U.S. are exploring new ways to partner with citizens and communities to combat crime.”


Before implementing any new technology solution, consider the specific needs of your agency and community. Ultimately, your technology needs and your efforts to build collaboration with citizens should reflect your agency’s policies, culture and operations.

Trusted City is not a one-size-fits-all platform but a suite of technologies your agency can choose from to build the right solution for your community. Consultants from Motorola Solutions are available to work with agency leaders to determine the best options for your needs, as well as how to leverage existing investments, implement an integrated technology program and get the community on board and involved.

“The Trusted City Ecosystem is not going to look the same for every agency or community,” said Brady. “Based on consultations with our experts, agencies can buy the solutions that best fit their needs and goals for public safety. The Trusted City Ecosystem will allow for agencies to learn how to create a more connected community based on the technologies they already have and how they can build on them to be more integrated.”

This modular approach helps solve agency workflows by providing options to fill technology gaps. Key tools featured in the Trusted City Ecosystem include bodycams, dashcams, situational awareness software, video integration, automatic license plate readers and more. Perhaps most importantly, it offers tools to promote community engagement and citizen participation.


Public scrutiny of law enforcement seems to have reached an all-time high in the past year, and many citizens want more transparency into policing in the community. On the other hand, people also want to feel safe, and many want to do their part to promote public safety.

The technology that makes up the Trusted City Ecosystem is specifically designed to enhance communications between law enforcement and the community. In particular, CommandCentral Community includes collaborative applications to help build community engagement, such as CityProtect.

A customizable agency page enables easy editing and social media feed integration, and it can be used by a citizen to submit a tip about suspicious behavior, explore a crime map or file a police report. These capabilities empower citizens to play an active role in their community’s public safety efforts, which helps bridge the gap between police and the public. Providing these online self-service tools for non-emergency incidents can help reduce 911 calls as well.

The Trusted City Ecosystem also helps citizens and private businesses share photos and video with law enforcement through collaborative camera sharing programs. Avigilon Cloud Services & Cameras help agencies integrate private and commercial video security from community partners. This technology makes it easy to opt in and integrate camera systems, such as home doorbell cameras, with public safety operations.

ATX CityProtect Screenshot .jpg can be used by a citizen to submit a tip about suspicious behavior, explore a crime map or file a police report.

Motorola Solutions


With the right technology in place, your agency can empower the community to aid in crimefighting efforts and gather real-time intelligence to help keep businesses and officers safer and more informed. With real-time intelligence from multiple sources – including citizens – officers can focus on responding to the right information and the right incidents in the right way while boosting trust, providing transparency and strengthening relationships with the citizens they serve and protect.

A challenge with public safety technology is communicating its benefits for both law enforcement and for citizens. Gaining public trust in next-generation technologies is important for implementing a trusted city ecosystem program within a community,” said Brady. “The technologies in the Trusted City Ecosystem, when applied responsibly, can help agencies and empower citizens to have a more proactive role in the safety of their communities.”

For more information, visit Motorola Solutions.

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