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Incident Command

Highlighting the importance of PACE planning in addressing potential security threats, crowd management issues and emergency responses for large gatherings
“I was standing right in front of Union Station, just to the west of the stage, when I heard shots fired.”
A detailed analysis of the Uvalde incident unveils critical flaws in active shooter response, offering vital insights for law enforcement agencies nationwide
Partnership with Ten-8 Fire and Safety and Frontline Communications will enhance St. Petersburg’s law enforcement capabilities with a high-tech mobile command vehicle for diverse operations
The number of attacks is alarming, but we are seeing more stories about successes from police intervention before and during attacks
The T-Mobile 5G network enables the deployment of advanced technology for first responders
Inside the command center is a front collaboration/workroom with flip-down bench seating and a fixed center conference table
Why technology is the key to avoiding the next 9/11 and MCI preparedness
How can we avoid the most common planning errors in anticipation of the unthinkable?
Six steps to balancing efficiency and safety when multiple officers converge on a scene
It is worthwhile for police administrators to periodically review these agreements and for individual officers to have read and understood their roles in these efforts
A Florida fire department is leading the way in bringing together first responders to train to respond to active shooter scenarios and other MCIs
Law enforcement must continue to keep these low-frequency, high-consequence events at the forefront of their training
The science of active shooter response is relatively new; is there a better model?
Highly detailed maps help illustrate likely areas of vulnerability in and around venues
The ability to mitigate intel and communication dysfunction requires many more training reps than what is currently budgeted for
Consider these tips to update tactical team training and procedures for barricaded suspects and hostage rescue operations in your jurisdiction
“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared. It didn’t hinder anyone on my team’s actions. We did what we had to do.”
Authorities have confirmed at least one storm death in Florida, but a Fla. sheriff says the death toll could be “in the hundreds”
Even if a detailed plan for every contingency isn’t possible, just having the idea of what might happen can lessen the shock and improve response
In this video, risk management expert Gordon Graham outlines how LE and fire can cooperate effectively on scene
While the report covers many areas of improvement, one devastatingly important factor current LEOs should consider is the need to share intelligence and information
This DHS-sponsored event aims to strengthen urban first response to evolving threats in day-to-day operations and during larger-scale emergency incidents
A Police1 webinar presenter addresses how the unified staging of vehicles brings order to chaos during an MCI
A Police1 webinar presenter addresses the issue of on scene vehicle security during a mass casualty event
One agency is using virtual reality to tackle both
The city will investigate whether Lt. Mariano Pargas was responsible for taking command and what specific actions he took to establish that command
A report by an investigative committee from the Texas House of Representatives is the first to criticize both state and federal law enforcement
The document contains a detailed timeline of the incident, including a discussion about breaching assessment and opportunities