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Macon Co. Stun Cuffs

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Reported by: Amanda Evans/ WCIA 3 News

Wednesday, Aug 8, 2007 @04:34pm CST

DECATUR- A stun cuff could keep control of aggressive inmates in Macon county. They could be used when Willie Thompson goes to court. He’s the man charged with killing a Douglas county deputy and was put in isolation after police say he punched an officer in the face.

Officers say they hope to never have to use them but know that in some cases inmates can get disruptive...Trying to run....or even attacking the judge. The stun cuff would prevent that from happening.

Chief Deputy Tom Schneider says it’s technology they can use, “Whenever we get high risk people in the jail it’s a situation where we look at it and say o-kay is there any new technology out there?”

It’s technology that will fit on an inmates leg, under their pants, you wouldn’t even know it was there. But if they get out of control in court they could be in for a shock.
A correctional officers volunteered to show us just how powerful stun cuffs can be.

“It stops you in your tracks ...putting your finger in a light socket almost.” The cuff would be used on inmates that are deemed high risk fighting in jail, being disruptive or trying to escape.

Defendants aren’t hand-cuffed in court so officers say it’s one way to keep control and ensure everyone’s safety.

“For an inmate that has been a problem in court, could be a problem in court it’s a very effective tool. It’s gonna literally stop them in their tracks.":

Inmates aren’t hand-cuffed in court once their trial begins. So a jury can presume their innocence. These stun cuffs would only be used in extreme cases.

Macon county is one of the first in our area Sangamon county says it’s looking to up some security but has not looked into these cuffs just yet. They’ll wait and see how they work in Macon county.