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How to use the T4E Quick Pierce Magazines

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The patented T-4-E quick pierce magazine lets you put a new CO2 cartridge in select T4E marker magazines without puncturing it until you are ready to use it. When a new unpunctured cartridge in a Quick Pierce magazine is in a marker and at the ready just strike the quick pierce knob at the bottom of the grip to instantly charge the marker with CO2. The patented Quick Pierce magazine is ideal when you want your T4E gun ready but not yet charged with air.

Always keep your T4E marker pointed in a safe direction. Remove the quick pierce magazine according to the marker’s owner’s manual. Lower the screw at the base of the magazine by turning it clockwise. Place a drop of silicone oil on the tip of the cartridge. Drop the CO2 cartridge into the magazine with the small side facing the top of the magazine. Raise the screw at the bottom of the grip by turning it counterclockwise until snug. There is no need to use a tool to tighten it.

When you are ready to charge your T4E marker, grip it in your dominant hand. Strike the quick pierce knob with your other hand. This instantly pierces the CO2 cartridge. Point the T4E Marker at your target and pull the trigger.

When using T4E Quick Pierce drop-free magazines with T4E pistols, it is best to unload the magazine of any projectiles according to the owner’s manual for the marker. Make sure the slide stop is disengaged and then shoot off any remaining air in a safe direction until it no longer discharges air. Then remove the magazine, turn the screw that’s just under the cartridge clockwise to lower it, and remove the used cartridge.

The patented quick pierce system in the magazine and your T4E marker is easy to use. Drop a new CO2 cartridge into the magazine. Hand tighten the screw. Insert the magazine into the marker. When ready to use it, strike the knob at the bottom of the grip, point at the target, and pull the trigger. When you’re done using your T4E marker, unload any remaining projectiles according to the owner’s manual, shoot the air out of it, then remove the magazine, loosen the screw inside the magazine, and discard the used cartridge.

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