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Train More, Spend Less With T4E

Training 4 Engagement, otherwise known as T4E®, is a brand of Umarex that outfits law enforcement & military agencies with highly effective, less-lethal training tools to provide realistic training experiences at a lower cost. These powerful & cost-friendly complete platforms provide the ability to train more and spend less (as low as $.03/round) as compared to other training tools and ammunition. Less cost means more frequent training and equates to more budget allocation for training and proficiency for both large departments and small agencies. These products are affordable training options for military, SWAT, police officers, Sheriff departments, security agencies, federal agencies, and other law enforcement coalitions.

Our Difference

In today’s age, police participation in accurate force-on-force training is critical. Many law enforcement agencies conduct virtual reality (VR) simulation training. The problem with this type of training is that the screens don’t shoot back, resulting in an unrealistic training scenario that lacks an accurate stress response. T4E platforms are developed in partnership with several major firearms brands to match common duty guns, so they accept accessories and fit-in duty holsters. The less lethal ammunition used by T4E guns can be used indoors or outdoors making them ideal for school buildings or other locations where training is pertinent. Powder ball rounds are easy to clean up. Paintballs are water soluble and the use of rubber balls ensures the pain is felt if a vital mistake is made. Training with these realistic platforms allows officers to improve their stress resiliency as well as their crisis de-escalation skills. In addition to T4E Umarex also offers a line of high quality airsoft guns useful for scenario based training applications.

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