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How to buy police watercraft (eBook)

Download this Police1 police watercraft buying guide to learn key steps for product selection, purchasing and implementation


Conducting law enforcement operations in any jurisdictions that have bodies of water – from rivers to lakes to coastal areas – poses unique challenges.

Maritime operations for the purpose of patrolling, search and rescue, smuggling and narcotic interdiction operations all require the right equipment to successfully complete the task at hand.

Having the proper watercraft to navigate the waterways in your area is essential. Choosing the right boat for your purpose can assist in deploying your officers in a timely manner, make your operations smoother and in some instances, may even save lives.

The purchase of a law enforcement-specific boat is not dissimilar to choosing a right patrol vehicle for your fleet. There are however, many more things to consider. The purchase of a boat is a big decision and one that must be carefully thought out and meticulously planned from the conception stage right up until the purchase and deployment stage.

This Police1 guide addresses the issues to consider in the acquisition of products to assist with purchasing police watercraft, and includes:

  • Things to consider before buying
  • Implementation considerations
  • Questions to ask vendors
  • Company directory

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