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How to buy armored vehicles (eBook)

In an era of constrained budgets, this guide illuminates the path for agencies to acquire armored vehicles, vital for officer protection and tactical advantage in high-risk situations


Law enforcement officers face significant challenges daily to ensure public safety. They require essential equipment and protection, including tactical body armor, night vision goggles, drones and ballistic shields to perform their duties effectively.

Every year, police officers tragically lose their lives, many during confrontations such as shootings, arrests or ambushes. Armored rescue vehicles (ARVs) offer the necessary protection, allowing officers to respond to violent incidents with enhanced mobility and tactical advantage.

In today’s environment, law enforcement agencies nationwide are dealing with constrained and often diminishing budgets, making it difficult to allocate resources effectively. This guide provides insights into purchasing, equipping, deploying and securing funding for armored rescue vehicles, addressing the critical need for such resources in modern policing.

The Police1 How to Buy Armored Vehicles Guide serves as a comprehensive resource, reflecting the latest trends, technologies and funding strategies in law enforcement. This guide is designed to assist departments in navigating the complex procurement process, ensuring that officers have the tools and protection they need to serve their communities safely and effectively.

To ensure your department is equipped with the most advanced and suitable armored vehicles, click here to download your free copy of the “How to Buy Armored Vehicles” Buying Guide from Police1.

This guide, originally published November 13, 2019, has been updated.