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The future of intelligence, empowering facilities to deliver results

Drugs introduced through the mail. Inmates running stores. Outside money movement. What do all these things have in common?

They are all examples of problems faced by our community today; problems that can be solved though the cultivation and utilization of intelligence generated from inmate communications.

Argus Corrections Solutions will be attending the Florida Sheriffs Association Summer Conference July 24-27, 2022. Over the past decade, Argus has become the industry leader in delivering intelligence management and voice biometric solutions to law enforcement and corrections. Leveraging AI and next generation tools, Argus is simplifying intelligence gathering and delivery for facilities nationwide. The end result? Intelligence that makes a difference. Whether you are looking for an intelligence solution to track your investigations, or tools to quickly and efficiently monitor all your inmate communications, Argus has the fully customizable solution that is right for your department.

At the conference, stop by Booth 518 and see how transforming your data can result in maximizing your facilities security while minimizing your risk. Come experience the Argus difference!