ShadowOps GPS Tracking Solutions Announces the Release of the New iMAP 3.0 Online Tracking Interface with LiveTrack & Google Earth Sync.

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ShadowOps GPS Tracking Solutions a St. Louis Missouri based GPS tracking company is proud to announce the release of the new ShadowOps Online GPS Tracking Interface “ iMAP 3.0”.

The iMAP Online Tracking interface is a web based GPS tracking platform that has been designed specifically with law enforcement in mind. Users can manage an unlimited number of GPS TAG’s on one map at the same time or track one TAG in real time from any online computer, IPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Mobile device.

The iMAP enables a user to manage case and suspect information within the online interface and combine gps tracking data to generate case and court reports using a variety of tools. The new 3.0 version includes a Google Earth Sync and Live Tracking feature designed specifically for investigative and law enforcement applications.

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The Live Track feature enables the user to select one GPS TAG from a group and easily isolate it in a separate map window designed for high speed device reporting and tracking from a moving vehicle. The Live Track feature allows investigators tracking from their vehicles to efficiently track a suspect in real time and share live location via email link to supporting agents to assist in tracking or apprehension.

The Google Earth Sync feature has been designed to provide the user with an additional way to export location and track data to be used later. The Google Earth Sync allows the user to simply click a Google Earth Icon within the iMAP 3.0 that will automatically create a KML Google Earth File from the real time location of the TAG GPS Tracker. The Google Earth Sync feature will generate the KML file and then ask the user to open in Google Earth or save. The KML file can be saved and used later as evidence or simply offer the user another way to view historical GPS location data.

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