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5 Benefits of Extra-Duty Management Software

Software solutions are becoming the standard for operational excellence in law enforcement, particularly for the management of off-duty jobs and overtime.

Download our free “5 Benefits of Extra-Duty Management Software” PDF to learn how law enforcement agencies are using software solutions like PowerDetails to make the management of off-duty and overtime jobs more efficient, accurate, and fair!

Benefits Include:

1. Empowering officers to earn extra income
2. Maintaining oversight in a cost-effective way
3. Reducing financial and liability risks
4. Prioritizing the health and safety of personnel
5. Treating your personnel with the respect their role deserves

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We were using a paper system to post details before PowerDetails. [are] easier to post, easier to track, run reports, and bill jobs to employers by creating invoices. You can also create rules for each detail which limits how many jobs a person can sign-up for at one time. — Michael C.

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Download our 5 Benefits of Extra-Duty Software PDF