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PlanIt Schedule provides 3 new Tools for public safety professionals in light of new COVID-19 procedures

LANCASTER, Pa- It is no secret that the coronavirus has brought challenges to every single organization in one way or another. PlanIt Schedule has received an influx of feature requests from their clients because of new procedures required of public safety departments throughout the US. These requests include some completely new features but also some minor adjustments within the current system. Within the past few weeks, the PlanIt Schedule team produced and released 3 new features: custom forms, a web time clock, and digital timesheet signatures.

“These new requests are top priority for us because right now, this is what we can do to help. Our clients are all in public safety. If we can add enhancements to the system to reduce any form of physical contact, we are going to try our best to get it done.” - Christian Yecker, CEO of PlanIt Schedule

Custom forms allow public safety professionals to create their current paper forms like daily checklists, training logs, and equipment requisitions, online. Departments are able to eliminate the entire physical component involved with submitting paper forms. Administrators in the PlanIt system can create multiple forms, add completely custom fields, and allow a select group of employees to submit the forms.

Another way departments can eliminate physical contact is with the newly released web time clock. PlanIt Schedule users previously needed to clock in at a designated computer using either their username and password or their fingerprint. Therefore, they would need to either touch the keyboard and mouse or the biometric fingerprint scanner. Now each employee can clock in from their own individual devices using the web application or mobile app.

Lastly, PlanIt users are now able to digitally sign their timesheets for approval. So, instead of having to physically share a pen and paper, employees can digitally sign their timesheet through the system. Administrators are able to then export and print the timesheets with the signature if needed.

On top of these new features, the PlanIt Schedule team offers assistance for clients needing to adjust their master schedules. With COVID-19 spreading, some departments are working with a limited number of staff. Therefore, it becomes inevitable to adjust schedules in a timely manner. PlanIt provides free support to clients so that any department needing assistance is able to call or email with their questions.

About PlanIt Schedule: With over 15 years of experience, the PlanIt team takes pride in their expertise with public safety scheduling. They provide a robust yet easy-to-use personnel scheduling system for law enforcement, EMS, fire and dispatch agencies. To learn more please visit