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Flock Safety launches mobile app to revolutionize patrol efficiency and law enforcement fieldwork

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The new Flock Safety app consolidates evidence captured on Flock Safety devices.

Flock Safety

The Flock Safety app is now available to law enforcement and security personnel in the iOS and Android app stores.

ATLANTA — Today, Flock Safety is proud to unveil our newest innovation: the Flock Safety mobile app. In a world where smartphones have become an essential part of an officer’s crime-solving toolbelt, the app aims to revolutionize fieldwork by providing patrol officers and security personnel instant access to vital information.

The Flock Safety platform aims to meet law enforcement wherever they are conducting public safety work, and the Flock Safety app, available on both iOS and Android, is the next step toward that vision. The app consolidates evidence captured on Flock Safety devices, both vehicular and audio, along with investigative capabilities, into a streamlined mobile experience.

“In our pursuit to eliminate crime and build safer communities, the Flock Safety mobile app is purpose-built to empower officers with rapid, reliable information, ensuring they’re consistently a step ahead, " said Abraham Alvarez, VP of Product at Flock Safety.

App Highlights Include:

  • Real-Time Hot List Alerts: Immediate vehicle and plate images for rapid identification.
  • Real-Time Audio Detection Alerts: Access crime-related audio clips like gunshots, pinpointing their location for prompt action.
  • License Plate Lookup: Streamlined access to crucial vehicle information.
  • Smartwatch Notifications: Essential updates right on the wrist, melding technology with field efficiency.
  • Shift Mode & Notifications by Radius: Tailored alerts ensuring officers receive actionable intel pertinent to their location and duty hours.
  • And many more features designed with the officer in mind.

Available today, the Flock Safety app is accessible to all law enforcement and security personnel with a Flock Safety account.