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How AI and civilian analysts can help law enforcement deal with staffing issues
The choice of technology investments must reflect not just the vision of leadership but also the insights and needs of the officers on the ground
The right hardware, right software and right partners can create a powerful framework for fighting all types of crime
Of particular value to law enforcement are the RPLATE’s automated registration and GPS tracking features
The products span a variety of categories including digital evidence management, license plate capture and evidence-collection
A mobile trailer from Jenoptik makes the ALPR system more versatile, whether for indefinite deployment in remote areas or for a better view across lanes of traffic
Gov. Phil Murphy also announced the state will use $10 million to help agencies buy automatic license plate recognition tech to combat the rise in auto thefts
These studies show that deploying speed enforcement cameras in school zones are effective and efficient ways to slow down speeders and keep kids safer
After the city installed automatic license plate readers in high-crime areas last year, the arrests were quick to follow
Agencies can capitalize on innovations to save money and repair fractured community relationships
The potential uses of video in policing are many, but how it is used in practice? Download this free white paper to learn how agencies are using video to investigate and deter crime.
According to law enforcement, Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) data allows officers to find the needles they need in haystacks of information
Automatic license plate readers (ALPRs) have proven valuable to law enforcement for many reasons, including its role in intelligence-led policing and officer safety.